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Impossible Necessities

I have too many art projects going on. Now if I could just find a way to, you know... stop sleeping? That'd be ideal.

Boring post, yep. But I'm aiming to go no longer than three days between LJ entries. And this is just... the best I can do right now.

Still Talkative

Feel like posting more, so why not?

I'm piecing together my second patchwork prose book now. Only the first few pages are done. Aiming to make this book considerably shorter than my first one. Say... 33 pages total, maybe. So far the story revolves around two characters named Dean and Ursula. Setting: rural Wyoming. A raging wildfire has consumed their house, and they have had to flee with very few belongings.

I'll have to keep piecing together the story to discover what happens next, and where Dean and Ursula end up...

Patchwork Prose #1 - Completed!

Ambition is a hell of a thing, ain't it?

After spending so long making blackout poems, I wanted to sink my teeth into a more substantive and time-consuming project. And I've completed it now. Finally. A novel of one long single narrative, but pieced together in the blackout poetry style. I call this long-form narrative style Patchwork Prose.

The main characters are named Louis and Eleni. They meet (and fall in love) on the eve of the apocalypse. Not much 'plot' to speak of... but I was learning as I went along.

And just look at that! 99 individual pages... all of one single story. It was fun and challenging to make, and I've learned many lessons. Lessons I can apply to my next book of patchwork prose (which I am currently working on). But for now, mostly I just want to say how happy I am that I completed this project. That all these pages are here and real and I can hold them in my hands. Feels dang good.

A (somewhat messily formatted) kindle version of my book can be bought here:
Louis And La Ville Sans Fin

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Went on another mass deletion spree. It was just time. Hadn't happened since May 2016.

So now it's a fresh start.


O LiveJournal... what do I do about you?